eGovernance Solution

Process re-engineering and automation

Problem statement:

  • How to create a Single Source of Truth?
  • How to share relevant information seamlessly?
  • How to reduce the clutter of information and paper?
  • How to reduce the turnaround time?
  • ....
Just to name a few...

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G 2 C


Problem statement:

  • How to reduce multiple bureaucratic hassles?
  • Is it necessary for rural people to travel to cities for official work?
  • How to empower people?
  • Why should they stand in a queue outside offices?
  • ....
List goes on...

eGovernance solutions

Process Re-engineering and Automation
1. Understand current process
3. Derive actionable insights
2. Analyze gaps
4. Process automation


Each division in a department collected their own data for the same project. So, Engineering division had their own version of the Truth, so , did the Planing and Monitoring division for the same project. There was information silos with the same department, that we call as Island of Information


Create a solution that connects all divisions of the departments to a single window system. Each user securely logs into the system and on a Need to Know basis gets access to information that is only relevant. A centralised database acts as a Single Source of Truth, which ensure there are no data redundancy and everyone is looking at the same information and the decision makers are all consistent in their views.