Portable Digital Library is an innovative, offline multimedia-based learning solution for students with a focus on education, where students do not need the Internet to access the knowledge base. It is a unique system where the students can connect to the knowledge server through Wi-Fi-based devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers, without having to pay for internet and data usage charges and watch videos,  listen to podcasts or read eBooks.

“Digital libraries” consist of a collection of digital resources that may have existed only in digital form, or have been converted from another form to digital. These resources are generally stored in a broad range of formats and can be accessed by users over a computer network. Such libraries have many advantages in that they can be updated on a daily basis and can be accessed instantly by users

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How does it work??

  •    It can create a local Wi-Fi hotspot for content delivery solution with a range of 20m to 2KM.
  •    A plug-n-play application allows its users to access preloaded content.
  •    It can cater from 20 users to a university campus of 20,000+ users.
  •    All logged-in Portable Digital Library (PDL) users can watch different types of content simultaneously.
  •    Content can be loaded locally and/or centrally too and can be viewed at blazing speed on any Wi-Fi device without internet devices including mobiles, tablets, laptops, computers, and smart TVs.
  •    Portable Digital Library (PDL) can handle video, audio, e-Books, PDF, JPG, and MS OFFICE content.
  •    It has inbuilt detailed analytics for both user and administrator.
  •    Multiple choice question banks can be created to test students. It controls user access and monitors the learning of individual users.

Key Features of Portable Digital Library

  • Access to different forms of content(i.e Audio/Video/e-Books)                                                                                         
  • Self-paced learning of the students                                             
  • Standard teaching-learning experience     
  • Students can learn and re-learn at an individual pace 

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Advantages Of Portable Digital Library

  • No need for internet connectivity
  • Facilitates playful learning
  • Allows authorities to share learning accessible to students at anytime